Fund NeuroSynthetica's Academic Outreach Program

NeuroSynthetica is committed to solving sentience. It will take collaboration, creativity, and ingenuity. Much of this is likely to come from young people who don't know they can't do something-- those in college, or even earlier in their education. That's why we have established an Academic Outreach Program, which puts the tools in the hands of students who want to work on synthetic brain modeling and simulation.

Donate today, with your credit card, and we will save those funds in a separate account, to be used solely for the purpose of paying students to turn on their creativity and explore synthetic sentience. Projects may involve working with robot modules driven by inexpensive Raspberry Pi systems, Wi-Fi networks, and a laptop or desktop computer that hosts a NeuroSynthetica Sentience Engine™.

We'll do the legwork to reach out to academic institutions and get them the portal access they need to get the tools into their students' hands. We'll also solicit projects from students and select the ones that seem most likely to stretch the boundaries of where we are today with understanding sentience. And, we'll offer those students a monetary reward for doing a project, using NeuroSynthetica tools. We will publish the findings on this web site, and include the names (or you may be anonymous) of the granting donors making that research possible.

For more information, contact Steve Jones, NeuroSynthetica Founder and CTO at