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Support For NeuroSynthetica Products

NeuroSynthetica's products are a leap ahead, and are offered to visionaries and early adopters who understand that new technology takes time to understand and to use for a particular purpose.

NeuroSynthetica and its customers also understand that no software is error-free or has anticipated all of the use cases that customers will encounter. That's why for commercial and government projects, technical support can smooth the path to enable customers to continue focusing on their work while their technical hurdles can be addressed.

Technical support is provided to customers subscribing to NeuroSynthetica's paid Technical Support Subscription Service Agreement[1], which is different and independent of the Community Subscription service.

The annual Technical Support Subscription fee structure is as follows:

Support Limitations

NeuroSynthetica Technical Support provides assistance for solving problems encountered while using NeuroSynthetica products. It does not guarantee that every usage problem will be corrected, or that all envisioned use cases will be possible. NeuroSynthetica is grateful, however, for the opportunities presented by its customers to improve the usability of its software for its technical users, and to prioritize its engineering for the benefits of its paying customers. We charge for support simply because we need to be able to continue to provide the service.

Support Benefits

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Just send us an email to Sales and let us know your name, organization, address, how to reach you by telephone, and email address, and we'll be happy to return your call so we can process your credit card and welcome you as a new technical support customer. We look forward to working with you.

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