Synthetic Sentience for Autonomous Machines

NeuroSynthetica's real-time, high-fidelity synthetic brain development and simulation software can be used to create Synthetic Sentience (SS) AGI for incorporation into the next generation of robots and virtual agents. Machines with Synthetic Sentience gain autonomous operation through the digital equivalent of the sentience that arises naturally in real brains. If you've watched a baby learn to walk, you've already seen it in action.

Synthetic Sentience is a new technology which enables autonomous operation that grows more sophisticated with experience. As sentient robots and virtual agents operate in their environments, they build knowledge about their world, and can surpass the competence of any fixed rule-based, ML-based, or deep-learning based AI implementations.

Autonomous Robots Requiring Synthetic Sentience
The Next Generation of Mobile Robots Will Learn To Walk Autonomously
Autonomous Drones
Autonomous Drones

A New Generation of Autonomous Machines

Robots everywhere can benefit from being autonomous-- package handling in warehouses, infrastructure inspection underground or underwater, manufacturing, restaurant automation, home appliances, and even virtual agents on the internet. While today their operation is limited to the domain they're programmed for, with synthetic sentience, they can learn to do new tasks, and learn new ways of solving problems.